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Sunday, March 05, 2006

What to knit when you don't feel well

I am still suffering from headaches (the doctor now has me on Tylenol 3 because she can't see me until the end of the week). I want to knit but don't want to follow a pattern so I picked out some different yarns and started an afghan. Once the camera came out Melo jumped up beside the afghan on the couch and posed for pictures. The purple is exactly the same colour as the pillows on my couch.

I am using Naturally Mohair Plus, Trendsetter Liberty, Plymouth Athena and Crystal Palace Party Ribbon. I will post the pattern once done. Garter stitch every row-can't get much easier than that.

Just sitting down and watching the Academy Awards. Our friend Heidi Berger (who works for Trendsetter yarns) was complaining last week that she had to babysit this weekend because her brother (Howard Berger) was going to the Academy Awards. Well, not only was he going but he won an Oscar for Makeup (Chronicles of Narnia). Now I can say that I know someone whose brother won an Oscar!


Wannietta said...

That is seriously cool! I love fame by association.

nadine said...

Hey there. sorry to hear you're still in pain. Hopefully the tylenols will keep it at bay until you can see your dr.

I'll let you know about the soak. I should have it by the end of the week. i can't wait to try it out.

Samantha said...

Ouch. I'm sorry to hear those headaches are sticking around. Hopefully the doctor will figure out what's causing them soon so you can be rid of them.

The afghan is lovely. I really like the colours. I have some cheap crappy old acrylic I'm going to make my dog an afghan out of. She'll love it and it will (maybe) keep her off my afghan.

That's neat you know someone who is related to someone who won an Oscar. :)

See you tomorrow! By the way, you came up with a great idea for the meeting tomorrow night. :)

Rhonda said...

Melo looks smashing in purple!