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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My purchases and afghan update

Here are some of my shopping purchases from yesterday. (I forgot to list a purse.) I think that the boots are my favourite. These came from Brown's-Sherway and Yorkdale had them. There were at least 15 new styles of cowboy boots for the spring. Good news for me since I collect cowboy boots. The shoes and purse came from Town Shoes. The purse also came in yellow, bright pink and lime-it was tough to choose a colour.

I now have 23 squares done on the afghan and 24 is almost done. When you look at the colours in a pile there are some that stand out (I would have left them out) but when knit together they look great.


Samantha said...

The afghan looks great. I really like those sandals too. I'm not all that into purses, but as far as they go the one you got is cute. :)

By the way 5 WIPS is a lot for me. *lol*

nadine said...

Love your boots.
and the sandals ARE Fabulous ! i Love Franco Sarto's shoes. i'll bet you can't wait to wear them !